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        Please tell us your story. We have had wonderful comments about Aloe Ferox products from our customers. This is your place to share with others your success with Aloe Ferox products and our helpful staff at Mary Bianca Wellness

        If you would like to share your story please send us an email at info@aloeferoxonline.com.
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        I would like to write this testimony on how great the Aloe Ferox products work and how helpful the people working for this company are. I have never had such a helpful response as these people were to try and help me with a skin condition I used to have since I was 13 years old; I am 39.

        My face was like I had a red mask on my face. It looked extremely sun burnt and hot, but it was not sunburn. The texture looked like an orange peel. Also, white stuff (sebum) would come out of my pored, and then harden when it got to the surface of the skin. I could scrape my skin with my fingernail and get hard, white balls of sebum out of my pores.

        I had been to dermatologists for years. They always said it was acne, once one put me on Accuntane (a very powerful acne medication that you take orally and that can damage the liver). It did totally clear it up, but after a few months being off of it, it was back like it was before.

        The last time I went to the dermatologist, he said it was Seborrhea Dermatitis, which is caused by a fungus. I don't know why they never saw this before. The doctor gave me an anti fungal medicine and said it would do the job. It didn't do that much. Also, the insert inside the medicine box said that the medicine would get in my bloodstream in 72 hours.

        I didn't like the thoughts of that. After a few months, I discovered the Aloe Ferox products in a brochure from a Christian Company. The products caught my eye because it said the Aloe was anti-fungal. They only had a few products, and I was interested if there were more products to be had from this line. Since I don't have a computer, I went to the library, got on the internet and discovered Dee Ann and Gene's website. I had spent thousands of dollars on skincare products so I thought I might as well try this one too. I also wanted to try a natural anti-fungal instead of the chemical one I got from the dermatologist.

        I called Dee Ann and she was so helpful. I told her the situation and she said she would get in touch with the scientists in South Africa. A few days later she got back with me and told me what they said. To make a long story short, it was all about being sensitive to sugar and wheat. They said I had to get off this stuff. It's all internal. If something is wrong on the inside of the body, it's going to show up on the skin. That is the one thing I have learned through all this. I got off all the sugar first.

        Within 2 weeks, my face was smoothing out like a normal skin and less red. After the sugar, I cut out the wheat and tried to find other grains to eat. Now, I can actually not put on foundation and my husband can't tell if I'm wearing makeup or not. The change is that dramatic. I have prayed many years for an answer, and I finally got it. I feel like a normal person now.

        I love to wash my face with these products. The moment I used the Aloe products I knew they were good. When you spend as much money on so many products as I have, you can tell if a product is good by the texture, the feel and the smell of the product and how it feels on the skin. I also can't use products with fragrance and these products are good for people sensitive to fragrance. I have paid up to $100.00 for moisturizers and up to $50.00 for cleansers.

        These products are better than the most expensive product you could buy, and the best thing is the products are extremely affordable. These products are great no matter what skin type or condition you might have.
        Thank you, Laurie Grayson

        Aloe Ferox

        Aloe Ferox