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        Bath Care
        Aloe Ferox Bath Care Products
        Category Products

        Category Products

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        Bath OilBath OilSkin moisturizing Body treatment
        Cleansing Cream 150mlCleansing Cream 150mlCleansing Cream is a facial cleanser ideally suited for the dry/mature skin. Larger 150 ml size
        Foaming Cleanser 200 mlFoaming Cleanser 200 mlA liquid facial cleanser ideally suited for normal/combination skin
        Glycerin SoapGlycerin SoapBeneficial effect on the restoration action of the skin.
        Hair and Body WashHair and Body WashA pH balanced liquid soap to be used on body and hair providing protection against bacteria.
        Liquid Body Wash-BitterLiquid Body Wash-BitterA perfume free body cleanser for sensitive and problematic skin. with aloe bitters
        Luxury Foam BathLuxury Foam BathCleanses your skin while you soak and relax.
        Shower Gel for LadiesShower Gel for LadiesClean hair and a irresistible fruity aroma to invigorate and refresh you.
        Shower Gel for MenShower Gel for MenClean Healthy hair and irresistible fruity aroma to invigorate and refresh you.
        Tissue OilTissue OilTissue Oil gives your skin an EXTRA advantage, to reduce or heal scars, damaged,  aged,  stressed,  extra dry, and injured skin, hair and nails.

        Tissue Oil is also ideal massage oil.