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        Hair Care
        Hair Care for Men and Women
        Category Products

        Category Products

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        Hair and Body WashHair and Body WashA pH balanced liquid soap to be used on body and hair providing protection against bacteria.
        Nutri-HairNutri-HairHelps maintain healthy hair growth
        Nutri-Hair conditionerNutri-Hair conditionerThis conditioner is pH 4 balanced to protect against environmental conditions and counteract static electricity
        Shampoo Anti DandruffShampoo Anti DandruffPrevent flaky scalp conditions and cure dandruff
        Super Aloe Gel 150 mlSuper Aloe Gel 150 mlA combination of herbs that are known for its positive effect on various skin conditions.
        Super Aloe Gel 75 mlSuper Aloe Gel 75 mlHas a positive effect on various skin conditions