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        Baby Products
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        Category Products

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        Aloe Rooibus Tea (New Label) (The Aloe Collection)Aloe Rooibus Tea (New Label) (The Aloe Collection)Rich in nutrients like minerals, amino acids and other plant chemicals. Contains no caffeine. Now with Rooibus Tea Helps with appetite control.
        Baby BalmBaby BalmA gentle combination of herbs known for the soothing effect it has on the delicate skin of babies.
        Baby BottomBaby BottomA rich, creamy ointment that absorbs easily to keep baby's bottom smooth and soft.
        Baby OilBaby OilA soft, soothing formula with the advantages of aloe to rejuvenate skin from an early age.
        Baby ShampooBaby ShampooA combination of herbs known for its soothing effect on various complaints of the skin and scalp.
        Super Aloe Gel 150 mlSuper Aloe Gel 150 mlA combination of herbs that are known for its positive effect on various skin conditions.
        Super Aloe Gel 75 mlSuper Aloe Gel 75 mlHas a positive effect on various skin conditions