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        About Us
        Welcome to Mary Bianca Wellness (www.aloefoxonline.com)

        Welcome to Mary Bianca Wellness (www.aloefoxonline.com)

        Who is Mary Bianca? Well it is actually two of the most important people in my life, they helped guide me and nurture me. When I decided to sell Aloe Ferox products and the healing and nurturing nature of this plant. I thought of the nurturing nature of these two wonderful women and named this company after them.

        Aloe Ferox is one of the planets most amazing plants. It survives in harsh enviornments in the most desolate places in South Africa yet its medicinal qualities are miraculous. Try our Natural Health products and see the difference.

        At Mary Bianca Wellness our focus is on natural products and affordable quality . The wide range of products are formulated with the intent of maximally utilizing the soothing and healing qualities of the unique Aloe Ferox plant.

        Our core products are augmented by various wholesomeness and beauty products that cater for skin care, hair care, sun care, bath care, baby care as well as products that assist with maintaining general body care.

        Mary Bianca Wellness (a division of Auriant)
        11520 China Spring Rd
        Waco Texas 76708
        818 314 8211

        Hours of operation
        24hrs 365 days a year on the internet
        Help desk-818 314 8211 9am to 6pm Central time